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Almost perfect annotation app

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Almost perfect annotation app

Sun Jun 12, 2022 1:48 pm
HI there! Just discover Okular and I feel it is the best annotation tool I have come across in my quest for the right annotation app for me!!!

It is fairly an "almost there" PERFECT annotation tool

The things I miss for it to be truly perfect:

  • In-app optical pen configuration/customization, including pen's buttons behavior customization and tablet sensitivity adjustment (at least, make sensitivity follow system levels!!)
  • The ability to "disengage" mouse and pen, i.e., to have separate configuration/behaviors for each pointing device (ie: in my workflow, it would be great to be able to have "underline" as default pen behavior, turn it to "free line" on button one and to "arrow" on button 2, while the mouse keeps "typewriter" as default on left button).
  • Full shortcuts customization, to adapt shortcuts to user's workflow better than defaults
  • Underlines are automatically named with the first words of the highlighted text
  • Typewriter notes and annotations in general automatically take the name of the first words in them
    (this two features would dramatically improve searchabilty and usefulness of annotations)
  • Typewriter's "box" size and shape could be set in advance, when you "click and drag" to start writing.

..and if you can think of an overall annotations search engine that could look up in ALL your annotations in ALL your documents (and keep a kind of "collection" and database), voilá, you have the perfect tool for the professional writer and researcher.

Perhaps many of these are already available or have some workaround to have them, but at least I could not find them in the forum. If you know something and can point me to the right source, I will be more than grateful.


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Re: Almost perfect annotation app

Tue Nov 22, 2022 8:30 am
yes, Okular is a great annotation app, I installed it from and it worked great.


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