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Keyboard shortcuts / workflow for face tagging

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Hi there,

using digiKam 7.3.0 - which is great, btw -, is there any way to use to "persons" tab, i.e. face tagging, with a keyboard based workflow?

(I have run "recognize faces" over a couple hundred photos. digiKam now has more than thousand "unknown" faces. Before I do a "recognize faces" run, I would like to go through the unknown faces and mark some as either "to be ignored" (i.e. like the red minus button below the name field [*]) or "no face at all" (i.e. like the grey / white X in the upper right corner). Similarly, after a "recognize faces" run, for accepting or rejecting the recognized faces.
Selecting a photo with the arrow keys and pressing a key would be much faster - at least for me - than pointing and clicking...)

[*] NB: The red minus button below the name field seems to have different functions depending on whether the face is "unknown" or "ignored". i am not sure whether that is intuitive...

Any help / recommendations appreciated. Thanks!


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