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How do I quickly remove all unused tags?

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I removed over 200,000 images from my database. I'm now left with thousands and thousands of unused tags. Deleting all the unused tags is proving to be excruciatingly slow and painful. Even using Tag Manager to merely highlight all the unused tags is unacceptably slow.

Is there any way to speed up the deletion of unused tags from my database?

I'm using digiKam with MariaDB, on a Windows 10 system. My database resides on the computer's primary hard drive, which is an SSD. Despite the database being located on an SSD, tag deletion is still painfully slow, I expect this process will take me multiple days to complete. In the meantime, I can't use digiKam for any other purposes while Tag Manager is busy deleting all those tags, and I really need to keep using digiKam for other purposes on a daily basis.

Does anyone know how to speed up unused tag deletion?

Should I be using some sort of other software tool, perhaps a database-specific tool, instead of the digiKam Tag Manager?


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