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URL import use case

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URL import use case

Tue Sep 06, 2022 11:59 pm
I am trialling using digikam for the slightly odd use case of managing a collection of links to images downloaded via URL.
My work flow is currently as follows:

In a browser:
* save the image to import folder
* copy the url to clipboard

In digikam
* scan for new images
* locate the newly added image
* add the URL as a caption
* possibly tag the image according to content (or do in bulk later)

This is not very efficient and I would like to improve it.
Ideally I would like to paste one or more urls and have digikam:

* automatically add the image to an album (just something generic like "import")
* automatically associate the image with the URL it was downloaded from

This would be either by using abilities of digikam I am unaware of, additional plugins or perhaps writing a new plugin of my own or submitting a patch.
So I have some questions:

Q Is there a way to import a single image via a URL?

Q Is there a better place to record the source URL than description/captions?

I am currently using the caption field for the URL but this conflicts for images that already have something in the caption field.
I would rather it was stored in the database only without modifying the file. I am not sure this happens for image types that allow meta-data like jpeg.

Is there an existing way of doing this? Its an unusual but surely not that rare use case.
What would be the best way of going about it?

For added inconvenience I am running it on windows (heresy!) instead of linux. So any scripting solution might have to take that into account.


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