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DigiKam is extremely slow when using remote mysql DB

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I am using DigiKam 7.8.0 with mysql on a windows machine.
The local connection works fine.

But if i use my notebook with WiFi, it is extremely slow (2 Minutes to startup). Showing a folder with 500 pictures needs several minutes.
I already increased the max_allowed_packet setting in for MariaDB in my.ini to 128M. But that didn't help.

What really makes me wonder:
If I inspect the network traffic of the digikam process with Windows resource monitor, digikam is only using about 2 KB of bandwidth. This cannot result in fast loading!
A slow WiFi cannot be the culprit: The properties are showing 195 MBit/s.

Does anyone have an idea?
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Unfortunatly, I don't have a solution, but the same experience since I'm using a Notebook (MacBook Air) again since over a year.

My photos are on a shared drive (CIFS, Samba). The database is on MySQL (same server as the shared drive).

I have 3 digiKam installations (all using the same database):
1. Linux (Debian based), wired network --> Fast, no problems
2. Windows, wired netword --> Fast, no problems
3. MacOS, Wifi --> Slow

While browsing and "booting" of digiKam on the notebook with MacOS is okay, refreshing the collection is a never-ending story. Therefore my album refresh always have to run on the Linux or Windows device.

(I tried a experiment with a local SQLite database on MacOS -> this responded very fast. But this have been local photos and only a small set of photos).

I also didn't find any hints on the internet until now.


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