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Unable to Import photos from Samsung Android phone

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I can't get the Import> Cameras or the Import>USB Storage Devices in Digikam 7.7.0 to list my Samsung Android Phone when connected via USB.
Digikam 7.7.0 is running on Linux Mint 20.3
The Samsung phone is running Android Version 7

When I plug in the USB cable Nemo pops up on Linux Mint and under Devices it lists "Samsung Android". However unlike other Mounted USB hard drives which appear as /media/richard/..... the Samsung Android appears as mtp://SAMSUNG_SAMSUNG_Android_3100........ See attached screenshot Image.

When I go to Digikam Import> Cameras>Add Camera Manually and then click on Auto-Detect it says "Found camera 'Samsung Galaxy models (MTP)' (usb:) and adds it to the list. See attached screenshot Image.

When I go to Digikam Import>Cameras>Samsung Galaxy models (MTP) I get an error saying "Failed to connect to the camera...." even though I can see the camera and the files in Nemo.

I think the issue is the way Linux is connecting to the Samsung as the address is mtp://SAMSUNG_SAMSUNG_Android_3100aec8f0013365/ . When you look in the camera config settings it is only looking at addresses starting with /home/richard or similar not starting mtp:// . See attached screenshot Image.

However I don't know enough about Linux/Digikam to figure out how to fix this. Any help much appreciated.



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