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Face recognition: Mark & confirm several proposals at once

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it seems this forum allows posts not only in the subcategories, but as well in this 'main thread' - and it seems more frequently visited...I hope.
I started my request for support regarding a.m. subject in News&Discussions.
Maybe an admin can merge these topics and move the topic to this 'main thread'.

My problem is that digikam proposes a lot (actually 4000 faces) not even reached 50% of my photo archive.
I want to mark let's say 50 pictures and add one person mark, that digikam can afterwards take it's time to modify the tags and update the database.
(and I can do other things than waiting after every picture that the single change is done).

Is there maybe also the option, to configure digicam to store the confirming information temporary and wait for database update & tag writing until the user gives a start signal?
Just like it is done if normal (not person depending) tags are being assigned.



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