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Best method to move database and files

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Hi there, I'm currently using DigiKam on Mac, alongside Dropbox. Things seem to be working really well at the moment, but I'm getting really lost trying to understand what options exist to manage my my files whilst retaining cloud backup...

- My main album pulls in photos that are stored on my Mac within /Users/dan/Dropbox/PICTURES/[sub-folders].
- The photos are stored in the cloud via Dropbox, but also currently available offline on my Mac.
- The database files are stored within /Users/dan/Dropbox/PICTURES/Pictures database.

1. If I wanted to duplicate the entire setup on to a storage drive (in other words, create a physical backup and duplicate all the files as well as database/metadata/tags), what is the best method to use?
2. Perhaps similar to the question above, what is the best method to MOVE the files from one folder to another, without losing the database/metadata/tags? (The reason I ask is that Dropbox will soon be forcing a change in its folder location on Macs.)
3. If some of the files became online-only, am I right in thinking that DigiKam will still maintain the metadata / tags / thumbnails? And that the only "interruption" would be when trying to open the file or full size, until the file was re-downloaded?

Many thanks for your help. I appreciate the answers may be out there already, and perhaps I am over-complicating things.



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