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How can I set a global keyboard shortcut in KOrganizer?

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Regarding: KOrganizer 5.1.3 on Kubuntu 16.04

I tried to set a global keyboard shortcut in KOrganizer for creating a new To-Do. What I did is "Settings" / "Configure Shortcuts...". What I can do is create shortcuts and alternate shortcuts, but I'm unable to add global shortcuts even though the table of shortcuts has a column named "Global". This might have something to do with all empty and filled cells in columns "Shortcut" and "Alternate" have a ">" in them, while all cells in "Global" and "Global Alternate" don't.

So my question is: How can I set global shortcuts in KOrganizer? I assume the colums "Global" and "Global alternate" would not appear if it weren't possible to create such shortcuts.

Thanks in advance.


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