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Recurring weekly to-do -- today's day is ALWAYS set

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I don't know if this is a bug.

When I try setting up a recurring weekly to-do, today's day is ALWAYS selected.

So, on a Monday, I can not set-up a recurring weekly to-do that recurrs, say, every Friday.

FWIW, I can set-up a recurring weekly event on a day of my choice.

Is this happening to me only? In that case, how do I set it right?

Is this a big? In that case, where do I report this?

As an aside, is Korganizer being actively developed? I have only recently started using it and found problems is some basic functionality.

Manjaro KDE. Kernel 4.19.244-1-MANJARO. 64-bit. Plasma 5.24.5. KDE Frameworks 5.94.0. Qt 5.15.4. 8GB RAM and more than 100GB free on the hard disk.


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