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Kalendar Names, Total Time count and subprojects

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Sean Kahn
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Good Day

I have started to use KOrganizer after 4 years again. Is it being Currently developed ?

First I wish to make an observation about a strange behavior. I am not sure whether this is a bug.


1. Use Settings Menu (Einstellungen) > Side Panels (Seitenleiste) > Calendar management ( Kalendarverwaltung anzeigen) - Make sure this entry is checked.
2. In the Calendar management panel right click > add new Calendar
3. Select iCal file as type, and create a new calendar.

This shows up as akonadi_ical_resource_N where N is a number, despite giving it a name. Several reboots did not change anything.

Is there any way we can make the calendar names to show in the calendar management panel?

System details from
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uname -a

Linux glassplanet 6.1.8-1-cachyos #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Tue, 24 Jan 2023 10:53:24 +0000 x86_64

Korganizer and KDE details

❯ korganizer --version
korganizer 5.22.1 (22.12.1

❯ pacman -Q plasma-workspace
plasma-workspace 5.26.5-2

Thank you. Now after the "bug report", I have 3 further wishes.

Wish #1
I have this calendar view. I can't add the image link because 720 px size. So here is image. The two colors indicate two different calendars. I want to find out how can I quickly calculate the total time spent on a single calendar between two dates. That is, I select two dates on the left date navigator panel as start and stop, then select a calendar, and then there should be a button or a menu entry to see how much time is spent in total for the selected calendar.

I could not find a way to do it.

Wish #2
I want to add more specialization in the tasks.

Say my "Scorpion Farming" task repeats every week. But one week I farm Akrav israchanani and in another week Reddyanus assamensis. I should be able to somehow supply this information. I want an additional text in the entry "Scorpion Farming", as well as a mouse hover bubble, that shows the additional information. That Is to say, it is like a parent class of task that repeats every week, but the instance each week is slightly different.

The difference needs to be displayed in some way. If i fill up the additional details of the task, it does not show up in the calendar view. So I would like to know how to do it.

Wish 3
Finer control on repeating task

It is possible to set a task every N weeks. But what I want is, task that repeats every N weeks, unless it is a multiple of M. So, If I set: Task repeats every 1 week, expect every 4 weeks ---> this will mean that the task appears 3 weeks consecutively, then 1 week ( = on the 4th week) break, then the pattern repeats. If I set N = 2 and M = 3. then the task repeats every 2 weeks, except for every 6th week.

How can I implement something like this, some information would be very appreciated. Thank you.


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