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Cannot add a new event to my calendar.

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Sir or Madam:

I have suddenly encountered problems entering events into my calendar. It has been running flawlessly for over a month now. Yesterday I attempted to import an .ics file from an organization that I import from on a regular basis. I have included some details below:

System: Dell Inspiron Laptop
O/S: Debian 10
Disk Space (open): root partition 120+ Gb.
/home, /usr partitions 1+ Tb.
Korganizer ver.: 5.9.3

What I was doing: While trying to import a new event to an existing calendar (.ics file) I encountered an "Unable to Append" error. The full text of the error is "Error while trying to create calendar item. Error was : Failed to append item."

To me this could be a corrupted database. Seeing that all calendar entries were in tact I successfully exported the calendar to an .ics file. Next I created a Proton Calendar and successfully imported the .ics file into it. All events were there.

Next I uninstalled kOrganizer, deleted all related .ics files from /usr/* and my kOrganizer folder in my /home/mitcon/kOrganizer. The rationale was to recreate all databases related to kOrganizer and create a clean install of software AND associated DBs.

Next I reinstalled kOrganizer and created a new calendar. When I attempted to import the .ics file from step 1, I got the same error.

I'm at a loss...I LOVE kOrganizer but cannot use it!

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We have, since we upgraded to Korganizer 5.9.3 the exact same problem within our Debian 10 installation. It is not possible to add new calendar events. For all of our users, even the new ones, its the same "Error while trying to create calendar item. Error was : Failed to append item." error.


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