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How to render many clips at once.

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How to render many clips at once.

Wed Jan 04, 2023 1:55 pm
I've searched for a few hours but can't find any information on this and it seems like a simple thing that most people would be doing.

I have a very long movie clip and I have cut out many 10 second or so clips from it that I want to use as twitch follower alert videos.

I therefore want to render all 10 or so clips at once.

Keeping the same format as the original clip is fine.

Everything I have read seems to suggest I have to manually select each clip and manually resize the rubber band duration to cover each one, one by one.

This seems like a lot of work and I'm sure I'm missing something, is there a way to select all the 10+ clips and render them to files?

A render all clips to file button would be really handy. ???
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Have you tried the Guide Multizone? This seems like what you are looking for as it creates individual files based on where guides have been set in the timeline

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