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Sony ZV-1 proxy settings for Kdenlive

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I got a Sony ZV-1: this camera can create proxies on the fly and here's how to make Kdenlive use them:

- Set Proxies on ZV-1 (Menu → Camera settings 2 → Proxy recording → On)
- Copy to your PC "CLIP" and "SUB" folders
- Add to externalproxies.rc this line:
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Sony ZV1=../SUB;;S03.MP4;../CLIP;;.MP4

- Save the file, launch Kdenlive, choose "Sony ZV-1" from "External Proxies" in project settings.
- When you import clips from the CLIP folder, Kdenlive allows you to use Sony ZV-1 proxies instead of creating them from scratch

On Linux, that file is in /usr/share/kdenlive. Obvioulsy to change it on Ubuntu I just needed to use nano or gedit with sudo:
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sudo gedit /usr/share/kdenlive/externalproxies.rc

I think there's the possibility to change another file in user space, I read it time ago in a developer proposal, but I couldn't find another externalproxies.rc in my home folder after Kdenlive's installation.

In the future it would be nice to add some editable profiles like in render or in proxy creation, I think it's in the roadmap but I'm not a developer so about this I can't help. Anyway, Sony ZV-1 is a very common camera nowadays so consider to add its proxy settings to the next release.


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