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Feature requests/UX suggestions

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Feature requests/UX suggestions

Wed Nov 02, 2022 11:22 pm
Hi there,

I’d like to suggest some improvements, based on my experience as a regular user, that I feel would help most user’s workflow.

•Allow shortcut assignment to specific rather than whatever’s set as the standard keyframe. Alternatively, the possibility of creating a shortcut to quickly change a keyframe’s state to linear/discrete/smooth would be nice.

•Different font/color/size allowed inside a single string of text when creating Titles. The current solution is, if for example I have a word in which each character is a different color, to enter every one as a separate entity and then painstakingly align them together, not very time-efficient.

•More control on Title alignment. For example, if I click one text box, hold shift, and then select another, have the latter’s coordinates be relative to the first when I use the alignment buttons (i.e. if I click left, have it start at the same spot the first does, rather than jumping to the leftmost side of the container).

Text warp inside Titles.

•A tilt setting for the Rectangular alpha mask.

Hope any of my ideas will be of use. Thank you very much for your work in developing such an awesome program.


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