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Update to Installing from source code link,

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I think I've wrapped my brain around a problem I was having, please let me know if this solution is off base.

Path to get there - build script -

Here it states:

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3 - Build script - not the latest

The build script maintained on the mlt project in the past would have downloaded and compiled for you the latest versions of lame, libvpx, libx264, FFmpeg, Frei0r, MLT and Kdenlive. However, since development of Kdenlive has moved to the KF5 version of KDE Frameworks the melt projects build script does not give you the latest version - rather it gives you version 0.9.10

It will then install all of the software in a user folder, without touching your system libraries. The script takes quite a while to complete, but it is a risk free way to test the 0.9.10 Kdenlive version.

Instructions and build script can be found on MLT's website, click on "Show Kdenlive" to see the details.

However, if you follow the link to the Build scrips (, and subsequent link to the mlt repo (, it appears those scripts have been updated to use the KF5 framework (the build fails with E: Unable to locate package kf5-config.)

Going up one level, there is a script for teamcity that downloads the build script and removes the K5 stuff., and appears to build the 0.9.10 version described on the page.

Would it be possible to update the instructions on, as the mlt build scripts are now appear to be on the K5 framework?


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