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How to ask for design help!

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How to ask for design help!

Mon Feb 10, 2014 8:31 am
Ok so you are a brilliant dev! But you need to make your application or plasma widget or press kit fit into the KDE visual style - work with future styles within KDE or just make sense. How do you post for design help? And what will happen?

When you post
Remember to be as thorough as you can with what you need. It may sound inviting at first with a "do what you want" thing but it can also be a hindrance because it means the designer have to guess what it is you want so their work wont be rejected or ignored.
Be explicit with the details you need, the visuals you'd prefer and the ideas you have. If you have a sketch - post that! It doesn't have to be a masterpiece it can just be a grainy photo of some doodles on a slip of paper!

Try to include some contact information, preferably mail address if you want or what mailing lists you subscribe to.

Another thing to consider is to repost with add-ons. If you're thread has gotten a few replies and you start working with someone more over mail than here - try to tell people that and report back how far you've gone, with whom and if you're done. Just to avoid unnecessary work.

ex: "Hi my name is A I'm doing a widget/app/thing called B that is supposed to look like C. I need a designer to help me with D and here are my sketches and ideas (E). If you got any ideas post them here or contact me at F"

But what if no one answers?
Well that's a risk isn't it? Especially in the beginning. A new empty forum can be intimidating and being the first to reply or post can be scary. Well then you tell us in the VDG either here via PM or elsewhere. We will try to make certain you get a designer that helps you out, don't worry. That's why we're here!

What if the cooperation with the designer falls through?
That can also happen. Remember we are all doing this on our free time and we need to respect that. Some may take on too much things when they have too little time - but again: thats where we step in. Just contact one of the VDG and we will try our darndest to fix it. We will get you another designer, we will patch things up socially with the last designer you worked with (to avoid those unnecessary socially awkward moments in the future) and make certain you can ship on time if we can.

Are there rules to thread titles?
Yup, well guidelines really. Try to start a new thread with "[Design Help Needed]" then the title to sum up what you need or what you work on. Thats it. When you've shipped and all work is done, say so in the thread mark it as "solved" and tell someone so we can all say what brilliant people you and the designer is to anyone who will listen.

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