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Inconsistant colors and text (right click menu)

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background and a white/light view background. Something like the GTK theme ark darker. The crux of the issue really comes down to two items. #1- how text is handled and #2 how right click menu box colors are handled. Because I am using white text on the dark window and dark text in the white view panel Plasma sometimes mixes the dark text on the dark panel and the white text in the light view.

Here are examples of the problems I am having. Please install the Balance theme to verify my issues. ( This is not my theme but it illustrates the issue I am having.

1) When I have a dark window and a light view panel Plasma wants to combine the 2 shades for the right click menu option. Try this using the balance theme. Go into dolphin and right click on a folder. You will see that the menu that pops up does not match the color of the view panel or the color of the windows. But instead it picks some medium shade in between the dark window and the white view panel. So now, on top of the fact the look is inconsistent with the rest of the theme, you have an issue of using white text on a medium gray menu. In this case the text is still readable, but the inconsistent look is very distracting. If the window color is any lighter you will have white text on light gray background that is unreadable. The fix is that when right clicking the menu that pops up should be the same shade as the window background color and the text should be the same as the window text. Plasma should not be interpreting the window and view colors and mixing them together.

2) The second issue can be seen in the system settings menu. Go to system settings> Workspace Behavior. Notice how the text and menu options on the left now have black text on a black window? All other windows in Plasma have white text. Why is the view text color used on a window instead of the window text color? But it gets worse. Now click on the desktop effects menu button. Notice how all the text inside the view window is now white text on a white back ground? Its almost unreadable. It appears the View panel is using the window text color instead of the view text color. This is within Plasmas own system settings! This has been an issue since KDE4. This should not be.

Please look into these issues.


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