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[Idea] Breeze outlines, buttons and dropdown menus

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Hi! Disclaimer, I know no **** about GUI toolkits, theming and how plasma works in general.
I was not sure whether I should have posted it as separate suggestions, I will if needed.

One thing that really bugs me out for a while, especially in comparison with Oxygen, is how harsh and bright outlines look with dark themes; in particular with my custom color scheme, which makes use of much darker backgrounds.
The reason for it is that, at least for the dark variant, the theme seems to have the outline colors depend on the text color (significant frame outlines colors depend on the window text color, button outline colors depend on the button text color etc.).
It would be much nicer, IMO, if it either was tweakable, or if it depended on the background color as well.


This also affects dropdown menus.

Talking of which, I don't really like how dropdown menus look with Breeze Dark. However, I like a lot the blurred effect on the startup menu and in the Breeze plasma theme in general. Now, I'll assume it's more painful to implement, but I would love to see dropdown menus have background transparency and get blurred, at least with a setting to fine-tune it.
Though I do like how I'm imagining it with Breeze Dark, I don't know how it would look with the light variant.

Finally, in Breeze Dark the buttons and GUI in general look damn flat to me, compared to the Breeze light theme, which makes use of some neat gradients. Is there a reason why there aren't for buttons, etc. in the dark variant?

Opinions? :)


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