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Icon, background and more for Elisa Music Player

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I am Matthieu Gallien working on Elisa music player.
At the beginning of the project I needed an application icon and a default background for the top part of the application window.
I went with assets I could easily find like a background with an acceptable license from wikimedia content and the new-audio-alarm icon.

I need help to get a better application icon that would not hijack an existing one.
I would also like to replace the background with one from KDE VDG (if someone wants to do it) since you are usually producing very good artwork.

The main contact point is the elisa KDE mailing list

I am also very interested in feedback from people in the KDE VDG.

Currently I am mainly working in the c++ part and Alexander Stippich is mainly working on the interface itself (in qml).

Best regards
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Matthieu was quicker than me :)
As he already said, I'm currently working on the interface/Qml part of Elisa. I'm currently trying to achieve an overall consistent design, with a good usability of course. Any feedback on the overall design and behavior is therefore really appreciated.
I also have one specific question: We have several (subtle) animations throughout the player. The animation/transition durations are a little bit scattered right now. Are there any guidelines from the VDG regarding such time periods for animations? For example, are there any defines how long a hover animation should be?

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