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[Latte Dock] - Dynamic Background and Snapping

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Hello I have created the discussion around this feature:
but I would like also your opinion...

How a dynamic background of a panel should be functioning?

After playing with this a bit there are plenty possibilities and many things can be done but I dont want to provide extreme configurability about this...

Currently there are three relevant options:

1. Force solid background for maximized windows
2. Hide background for not maximized windows
3. Hide panel shadow for maximized windows

What works very good is to support instead of (1) and (2)
1. Force solid background whenever a window touches the panel edge
2. Hide background whenever there isnt any window touching the panel edge

the (3) choice could remain the same I think, as the user wants to hide the panel shadows only when the window is maximized, when the window is not maximized and it is partially touching the panel edge showing the panel shadow creates a good effect.

The above proposal of course creates the following:

instead of :

and personally I dont know which of these two is better...

demonstration of first case:


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