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[Design help & feedback needed] Wacom Tablet KCM

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Hi, I'm the person currently maintaining Wacom Tablet KCM (nevermind the username, this account is 7 years old)

On the Krita sprint, some concerns about current design of Tablet KCM has been brought up, specifically about depth of Tablet/Touch pages.

Currently they look like this:


with map area to screen leading to this window:

Recently David Revoy reminded of this and also proposed following mockup:

Some iteration on David's proposal (mockup made in Qt Designer, I can share the UI file if needed):

Tablet in relative mode:

Touch (just adds "gestures" section, probably shouldn't contain orientation section and just duplicate tablet's orientation setting, like it is now):

Changes from David's mockup:
  • Orientation as a single drop-down list (all combinations of orientation settings are mutually exclusive anyway)
  • Calibrate button next to the screen selection.
  • Custom screen/tablet area editing is hidden behind a button.
  • More form-like layout without frames, seems that's what HIG recommends, plus frames blow up vertical space a lot. I'm still not sure if it's an improvement though.

I'm not really a VDG person and neither I am familiar with every workflow, so I'm soliciting for feedback from both end users and people who's more familiar with UI design.
If there are no strong objections to new general set of elements, I'll hopefully get to implementing this at the end of the week.

Rest of the KCM also might use some design updates, but this tab is currently high priority because the change also adds sensitivity settings for relative mode.
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Hi, 'Icarus' is a cool nickname for forum.

Sorry for late reply. I was totally absorbed by the release of episode 27 of Pepper&Carrot. o)

Thank you for detailing all the changes and for all the screenshots. It looks really good and impressive to see you already did a Qt designer GUI with it.

so I'm soliciting for feedback from both end users and people who's more familiar with UI design.

Yes, it might be a good idea to wait for review of UI designer. I can't pretend to be one.


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