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Issues with the default task switcher, Breeze

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Hi, I'm a long-time DE user (~25+ years), and have been using Plasma on and off since 2016. I have a background in UX.

The reasons I'm writing here is that I found the default task switcher that comes with Plasma to have a number of issues that impact its ergonomics as a functional task switcher, if the goal of a task switcher is to allow switching quickly between tasks:

1. It forces the user to focus away from the center of the screen, the bigger the problem the wider the monitor is.

2. It only shows a limited number of tiled windows in the left side of the screen, forcing the user to scroll. Highly counter-productive if the user wants to switch quickly to another task.

3. It requires scanning a visually large area (especially on portrait monitors) to identify the task to switch to. This also runs counter to the point of quickly switching among tasks.

On a side note, Breeze looks very different from other task switchers found in most other DEs. For users new to Plasma, this may be awkward, and for productivity-minded ones, who know what they want, it will be just one more setting to change.



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