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How To Use KColorSchemeEditor Add-On Updater

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Hi, I'm trying to upload a custom color scheme but I keep getting this error dialog:

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The selected category "" is invalid.

The search engines for both the Community and Userbase wiki had no results for "KColorSchemeEditor," and neither did the developer/api documentation search engines as well...

(The rest of the post was originally going to just be my asking for help with this particular utility, but mid-writing I decided to spend a bit more time using generalized search engines, though I wasn't expecting to find anything that was relevant, if at all. However I turned out to be wrong which really threw me off, but I decided to finish this post with the new information because that made sense to me...)

...Well, another fun aspect of nerodivergency is not having any normal intuition for how normal people phrase things in search engines (also attempting to avoid more generalized search inquires —in hopes that all the irrelevant results are weeded out for me, for the sake of efficiency—seems to encumber search engines for some reason ), but I eventually used
"Upload * Color Scheme" "KDE"
in Google, and after finally convincing them I was human, came across one lone post on Reddit which purports the the KColorSchemeEditor is broken, which I assume is still the case.

So now what I want to ask is. Do color schemes uploaded to pling/opendesktop/kde-store pages get automatically added to the "Download New Color Schemes — System Settings" window-thing? Or are there any delays and/or further steps before that happens?


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