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Single pixel I-beam text cursor in Wayland

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Hello community,
The single pixel I-beam "XOR" text cursor (like the Windows one) is IMHO vastly ergonomically superior to the current, workaround 3px white/black/white text cursors used on Linux desktops. Especially as programmer (doing heavy text editing) I feel this issue every day. The 3px cursor is just less precise, and having 3px for mouse pointer I-beam while the blinking in-text I-beam is 1px, just does not make ergonomic sense.

I know this topic was here already few year ago:

and the issue exists for the ages: ... 29895.html

But from what I can found in these forums, the issues about implementing the precise XOR cursor are generally 2 things.
1. some ancient patent
2. implementing the feature into the X server being too complicated

So my thinking is - the time passed since this topic was discussed lastly (7 years) maybe healed some of these issues. Now we have the Wayland and the patent hopefully expired, petrified and turned into the ashtray. So is there something we can do on this front? Its now the KWin doing the mouse cursor drawing, is that right?



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