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Plasma and Wacom Cintiq displays, dual displays attempt.

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Hi folks, was hoping I might get some help. First off I have found the various KDE programs I use wonderful. I also prefer Plasma over gnome, cinnamon, etc. Great job guys. Also I'm a newb to Linux

I have a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2. I'm connecting it to my workstation to use it in a dual screen setup. I have seen another post discussing how to position Krita properly for a dual screen setup, which is great. The issue I'm having is the calibration for the tablet. It is distorted over the two monitors instead of being locked into just the Cintiq Companion.

I've had suggestions from other places, Reddit and the like. One being to write a script that calibrates to the correct screen. Another suggested, on the kde subreddit, I download and install this

Will the above program fix the distortion of the tablet calibration being stretched over the two screens? Or do I also need to look for advice on writing something to constrain the tablet to a specified screen?

My apologies if the same folks answering on the sub Reddit are also the ones moderating this forum. I'm just trying to "cast a wide net" for answers/suggestions/help. Thanks again.

Plasma version 5.12.7
Framework 5.44
Qt 5.9.5 Kernel 4.15.0-46-generic
OS 64bit
Graphics card Nvidia Quadro M4000

Linux Mint, Cinnamon


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