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In widget configuration are chaotic showed sensors

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Hello All

After long use of widgets, I decided to change "Global Theme" in KDE. After this change appeared a issue with sensors setting in used widgets. Some of them are in list, but lot of them missing.
For example missing some disks, core of cpu or one from two network cards and isn't possible add none from sensors in list.
I can use only default sensors after adding widget, but isn't possible to do any sensors change.
For example: before I used widget with detail of frequency per cpu core. Now it isn't possible, because exist only widget with perceptual usage of per cpu core, which isn't possible modify, because either missing sensors of % usage per core, or isn't possible add it:

I tried delete some plasma/kde config/cache files, create new account, configure sensors in system, but problem persist after all attempts to solve issue.


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