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Leagoo T5c (Intel-based SoC): Can I install Plasma Mobile?

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Hi everyone,

I have this budget smarphone, a Leagoo T5c, that I bought about two, three years ago, that works fine, but it's stuck with Android 7 "Nougat", and from what I hear and read here and there, it's gonna stay that way until it dies of old age.

I'd like to try something new/different on this phone, and installing Android custom ROMs on it is a risky proposition, because the SoC, a Spreadtrum/Unisoc SC9853i-IA is Intel (Airmont)-based (hence the "IA" at the end of the SoC's name, I suppose), and ***seems*** to be sort of a hybrid between a regular ARM platform and an x86_64 chipset.

Can't make heads nor tails of this, but I'd like to know if, in your expert opinion, it would be a suitable candidate for installing Plasma Mobile, which I'd prefer to Ubuntu Touch for cosmetic reasons (paint me shallow).

I've already rooted the phone, and installed TWRP Recovery on it, so flashing a new ROM wouldn't be too hard. I just need to know if I can expect a fully-functional phone afterwards.


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