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Lenovo X1 Yoga

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Lenovo X1 Yoga

Sat Oct 24, 2020 7:07 am
With help from Internet Relay Chat, I installed KDE Neon Plasma Mobile on a Lenovo X1 Yoga (x86 (64)) (followed instructions to start graphical installer from command-line and after reboot, select Plasma-Mobile session.)

The installer overwrote my LILO. Please only overwrite existent boot-loaders with consent, and document what you need to boot KDE Neon Plasma Mobile from (E)LILO and GRUB2 (I use LILO whenever possible, but I heard some people use Syslinux.)

After boot it presented a black screen with software keyboard (despite I have built-in hardware one)--so no way to exit it--and I had to put my code in two or three times, now am using it. There appears to be no power/reset/logout icon/button anywhere to be seen.

The KDE icon at centre bottom disappeared

Updates became available when I was in Konsole. I exited, and the update notification had disappeared, without it seeming to be anywhere (such as normal system tray area.) Apt* tools seem to work fine for update though. i enabled multiple languages (I use British & American English) but layout indicator didn't appear. I'm assuming battery, notifications, volume, klipper, network, printers, KOrganizer, KDE Connect, weather forecast won't be viewable/editable either then and I can't modify the clock to display my timezone code, etc.?

When I go to system settings -> applications (even first thing) it always crashes, but I want to change some locations, file associations, launch feedback.

This operating system (OS) distribution (distro) seems pretty great (apart from using Ubuntu systemd/GNU/Linux rather than Open Solaris/IllumOS Unix or *BSD Unix or Slackware SysVInit/GNU/Linux) so I'll be using it probably instead of Android-x86 (won't even run on same storage drive as Unix after installation) and definitely rather than Ubuntu Touch/Unity (horrible interface, unusable.)

Thanks very much, KDE team!

Next I may be asking about replacements for various Android programs.

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