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Calligra Flake/Plugin

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Calligra Flake/Plugin

Tue May 17, 2016 8:44 pm
I've been trying to build a simple shape plugin for Calligra. Since the tutorial I found ( ... ake_Plugin) seemed to be somewhat out of date, I simply took the Calligra sources and stripped the music shape plugin down to the bare minimum. I finally got my plugin to be recognized, but when I run my test app, which does
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    qDebug() << KoShapeRegistry::instance()->count();
    qDebug() << KoShapeRegistry::instance()->keys();

it crashes with a segfault. (typeinfo name for MyKoShapePluginFactory is the last the debugger has to offer). I should possibly mention that, differing from the original plugin, I tried to build it with qmake instead of cmake. My understanding is that the
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is generated essentially by two macro calls in mykoshapefactory.cpp:
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K_PLUGIN_FACTORY(MyKoShapePluginFactory, registerPlugin<MyKoShapePlugin>();)

(all analogous to the music shape sources, of course)

Does anybody have an idea what I could be doing wrong? Thank you for any help in advance!


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