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Why does this happen? File Corruption and why it ruins Krita

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I am a fairly new user to Krita, working on Project Mysticia with my Australian girlfriend. I've used Krita in the past to create a couple concepts for stuff, it's a pretty nice program, but recently I've started seeing some pretty bad flaws that Krita has that has reassured me that I should not be using Krita at all to do my work. For one, it's a passion-killer that I think all developers should've addressed earlier, if they've already fixed it, or should address if it's still being talked about.

Mysticia is a 2-person project at this point and we're working really hard, trying to make sure it gets completed. When whether or not you can complete your concepts lies between the fact that SAVING is incredibly unstable and that you won't remember to save it as a .png BEFORE you close or shut off your computer, you start to wonder if you really think Krita is worth all the bite for the bark it has.

I've worked on multiple things in the past, two times I've came up with the files becoming corrupted. I looked up all the fixes to fix the .kra and .kra~ files, but alas, it was not happening if I didn't know how to reconstruct the data necessary to run the file. What do the developers of Krita expect from artists? For them to be some sort of Bill Gates clone? As of right now, I never want to touch Krita again. It's just too emotionally draining and not worth all the file corruption that occurs. I'm a simple man of simple things; I want to get on, open my file, work for a couple hours, and then save the file and close it up for the night knowing that I've been in some way, shape or form satisfied that I got some work done. I have no time for file corruption and no experience repairing files whatsoever, so if you expect my creative freedom to be hinged on the fact that if I don't make a billion .kra file backups that my entire project will be completely unrecoverable, then I'll just use another highly-acclaimed program that has no issues with file corruption. And if you know this is happening, here's a suggestion: Can somebody please develop a .kra/.kra~ file repairer so those of us who have no experience doing all that file reconstruction can repair their files without being left in the sand? Or, maybe, have it built into the system itself?

Right now, I don't even want to look or even open Krita. I've never had this problem with Blender 3D, which I use a lot to make things. I've been animating with Blender for four years, not once have I ever had an unopenable file. Ever. Glitches in Blender are very rare, they'd only happen if 1) you intentionally look for them or 2) you strain your GPU too far, both of which I don't try to do. As for Krita... File Corruptions, for us artists, are very dissatisfying and personally, I do not think Krita is worth it at all if essence of creative freedom comes with the 'probable file corruption' catch. Knowing your work could be forever lost with the click of a button is the worst thing imaginable for any form of artist, be it professional concept art developers or just casual artists. For a developer of a series, which I am, it's no different. I want results, not file corruption. I refuse to use the program because file corruption happens way too frequently and Krita, with the build I am currently using, isn't all worth the torture. (I think I had problems with 2.9.8, I just updated it to 3.1.1)

If you'd like to help me out, well, I'd love some help trying to repair the .kra~/.kra files. Thank you for your time.


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