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D-Bus error is thrown when calling transport->tryAcquire

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I am new to Bluetooth Programing.
My aim is to write program to hear song in raspberry pi through A2DP played from mobile phone.
After some studies I Plan to use KDE BLUEZQT because I am familiar with Qt programing.

My setup as follows

1. Raspberry Pi 4
2. Installed Latest version of Raspbian OS
3. Build and installed QT5.14 in the Raspberry.
4. Then using bluetoothctl I was able to play or hear the Audio from raspberry pi through A2DP.
5. Installed BluezQt version 5.68.0 using following command and installation was successful


6.I used Qt creator to create applications similar to sample program from /bluez-qt/tests path, Chat profile, device receiver. Both the application was working.
7. Then I started to use the mediaendpointconnect example, I was able to pair and connect with the mobile phone but when I started to play song from mobile phone, error was thrown as below.

Transport state: BluezQt::MediaTransport::State::Pending
org.kde.bluez: PendingCall Error: "Operation Not Authorized"
fd: -1 mtu read: 0 mtu write: 0

8. D-Bus error is thrown when the calling TPendingCall<QDBusUnixFileDescriptor, uint16_t, uint16_t> *fd = transport->tryAcquire(); //

After 2 weeks of struggle I could not able to find out what causes this issue.

Snapshot of Code as follow

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QT +=  dbus BluezQt

CONFIG += c++11

# The following define makes your compiler emit warnings if you use
# any Qt feature that has been marked deprecated (the exact warnings
# depend on your compiler). Refer to the documentation for the
# deprecated API to know how to port your code away from it.

#LIBS  += -lKF5BluezQt


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MediaEndpointConnector::MediaEndpointConnector(Manager *manager, QObject *parent) : QObject(parent), m_manager(manager)

    connect(m_manager, &Manager::deviceChanged, [this](DevicePtr device) {
        connect(, &Device::mediaTransportChanged, this, &MediaEndpointConnector::onTransportChanged);

    NoInputNoOutputAgent *agent = new NoInputNoOutputAgent({Services::AdvancedAudioDistribution,Services::AudioVideoRemoteControl, Services::Headset}); // ,
    connect(agent, &NoInputNoOutputAgent::serviceAuthorized, this, &MediaEndpointConnector::onServiceAuthorized);

    MediaEndpoint *sbcSink = new MediaEndpoint({MediaEndpoint::Role::AudioSink, MediaEndpoint::Codec::Sbc}, m_manager);
    MediaEndpoint *aacSink = new MediaEndpoint({MediaEndpoint::Role::AudioSink, MediaEndpoint::Codec::Aac}, m_manager);
    connect(sbcSink, &MediaEndpoint::configurationSelected, this, &MediaEndpointConnector::onConfigurationSelected);
    connect(aacSink, &MediaEndpoint::configurationSelected, this, &MediaEndpointConnector::onConfigurationSelected);
    connect(sbcSink, &MediaEndpoint::configurationSet, this, &MediaEndpointConnector::onConfigurationSet);
    connect(aacSink, &MediaEndpoint::configurationSet, this, &MediaEndpointConnector::onConfigurationSet);
    connect(sbcSink, &MediaEndpoint::configurationCleared, this, &MediaEndpointConnector::onConfigurationCleared);
    connect(aacSink, &MediaEndpoint::configurationCleared, this, &MediaEndpointConnector::onConfigurationCleared);

void MediaEndpointConnector::onTransportChanged(MediaTransportPtr transport)

    if (!transport) {

    connect(, &MediaTransport::stateChanged, [transport](MediaTransport::State state){
        qDebug() << "Transport state:" << state;

        if (state == MediaTransport::State::Pending) {

           TPendingCall<QDBusUnixFileDescriptor, uint16_t, uint16_t> *fd = transport->acquire();// transport->tryAcquire();  //

            connect(fd, &PendingCall::finished, [fd]() {
                qDebug() << "fd: " << fd->valueAt<0>().fileDescriptor() << "mtu read:" << fd->valueAt<1>() << "mtu write:" << fd->valueAt<2>();
    connect(, &MediaTransport::volumeChanged, [](quint16 volume){
        qDebug() << "Transport volume:" << volume;


main.cpp files.

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int main(int argc, char *argv[])

    QCoreApplication app(argc, argv);

    qDebug() << "Waiting for bluetooth audio source to connect...";

    Manager *manager = new Manager();
    InitManagerJob *initJob = manager->init();
    if (initJob->error()) {
        qWarning() << "Error initializing manager:" << initJob->errorText();
        return 1;

    if (!manager->usableAdapter()) {
        qWarning() << "No usable adapter";
        return 2;

    if (!manager->usableAdapter()->media()) {
        qWarning() << "No media interface";
        return 2;
    new MediaEndpointConnector(manager);

    DeviceReceiver *deviceReceiver = new DeviceReceiver();
    return app.exec();

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Dear All,

I was able to solve this issue, I configured bluealsa with profile option a2dp-sink. Once I removed the option "-p a2dp-sink" from file /lib/systemd/system/bluealsa.service and reboot which I configured earlier. My application can call transport->tryAcquire function and able to get file discriptor successfully.


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