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Classification Banner Guidance

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Classification Banner Guidance

Tue Apr 25, 2023 1:43 pm
Requirements: Our project office for the U.S. Government is working on updating some legacy Linux components. One of the updated components now uses Wayland and KDE instead of X11 and Gnome. The previous solution used

I began working on a Qt-based classification banner and got it working in X11, only to find out that the move() command doesn't work in Wayland and is marked as a "wontfix" item (re:

After finding out that Wayland has no intent to provide this capability (re:, I was informed by the helpful developers there that such an element is something that should be implemented at the compositor or window manager level.

After spending several hours trying to learn Wayland compositors, then surfaces, then views, I decided to try to see if I could implement a KDE panel. So I started writing a simple plugin to try to do this. The first step was to set the background color. I'm trying to set the panel color, or even add widgets that have a color, and it seems that Plasma is ignoring this and replacing the colors with my theme. I haven't even gotten to trying to center a text label on the panel yet!

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var panel = new Panel;
panel.location = "top";
panel.height = 30;
panel.lastAddedWidget.backgroundColor = "#7d26cd";
panel.backgroundColor = "#7d26cd";

After hitting so many brick walls and going down so many paths, I'm asking for guidance from the community on how to implement a classification banner at the top of the screen on a Wayland desktop OR a KDE panel at the top of the screen that displays a classification banner which ignores the user's settings for color and font. Thanks in advance for this guidance!


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