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Adjusting KDE windows of other applications from C++ code

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I want to move and resize some of my KDE windows on the Plasma desktop to given values from a "Qt Widgets Application" to get a stable desktop environment after startup. The KDE window rules did not work for me as expected, therefore I created a small widget application using Qt Creator to do the missing window adjustment task. I use the openSUSE Leap 15.4 distribution with C++ and Qt5 development packages installed, Plasma version is 5.24.4.

I succeeded to iterate on all KDE windows on the desktop and find the affected ones by comparing their titles by calling some KWindowSystem and KWindowInfo class methods, but I did not find any possibility to move and resize the affected windows, identified by the iterated window index of type WId. I know, that the move() and resize() methods of the QWidget class are to be used, but how can I address the QWidget of an other application by the iterated window index of type WId?

Here is the iteration code:

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        /* Read the KDE window list */
        QList<WId> list = KWindowSystem::windows();

        /* Find the windows to be adjusted */
        QList<WId>::iterator i;
        for (i = list.begin(); i != list.end(); i++)
            KWindowInfo title_info = KWindowInfo(*i, NET::WMName);
            QString title =;
            if (title.contains("MyWindow"))  // my affected window has been found
                KWindowSystem::unminimizeWindow(*i);  // Make it visible, if it has been minimized (it works)
                // I want to adjust its position and size here...

Thanks for any help.

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