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Thank you KDE

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Thank you KDE

Mon Apr 25, 2016 3:17 am
I have been trying to find a KDE / Plasma distribution that has a stable base. (preferably based on Ubuntu for the very deep resources of their software repositories but also keeping up to date with KDE) Kubuntu has fell flat for....well pretty much forever. They had the potential but never really materialized with a release that I did not get the regular desktop crash. It was usable but always seemed half baked. I like other distributions that are KDE centric but the vast selection of software Ubuntu provided and the very straight forward installation / dependency process is very appealing. I am writing this from Netrunner 17. I have tried openSuse and Fedora but they were never as easy a *buntu. I like Linux but I also believe it can be easy and not have to be hours of figuring out why I can't get my movie to play or a piece of software to install without breaking my Xorg setup. There should be a setup that just works without ever having to open a terminal screen. I don't mind it but I would like mainstream acceptance of Linux and most people don't want a terminal screen. If you ever played with OS-X you can easily tell it is *nix but it is very well polished and very well integrated. KDE seems to be the closest to this type of integration. The *buntus just tend to work at the foundation level. So much more when you take into account the LTS version.

With all that said, this is exactly what I have been looking for. I love to get the latest KDE as soon as possible. Also to be based on LTS without having to go to the latest less than stable versions for the latest KDE / Plasma. I know I said the *buntus are great and made them out to be always stable but they aren't when they first come out. The Kubuntu releases are always half baked based on Ubuntu's / GTK release schedule not KDE / QT. I believe this is just what the KDE needed. A showcase for the latest greatest. Not Kubuntu, the KDE version of Ubuntu, that people think of the big brother and are so let down by the presentation because it is not given the attention needed to make it what it could be. I am so eager to try this out but I am in a slight hole in the linix world right now. I have an AMD R9-280 graphics card. (a nice card and kind of pricey to replace with comparable performance) Fglrx is deprecated and the new AMDGPU drivers do not play nice with my card (unless someone can point in the direction of a solution on this one, I did try Kubuntu 16.04 a couple times during the beta stages and several other Linux's that had Xorg 1.8 and could not get it to work)

Enough of this though. I am so excited by this endeavor. I believe it will open a lot of doors for KDE by showcasing a stable, well presented and functional KDE / Plasma desktop. I believe Plasma is the finest desktop in all of computing not just Linux. It just needed a poster child to get people to really notice. If you present it to the masses in a way that shows just how configurable and integrated the environment is it will take off. Thank you for the great effort.


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