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Kde user edition vs Kde dev stable edition

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Hi guys
I got the stable Dev edition right after Fosdem and as soon as I got my new AMD laptop.
I have only had a few things because my packages were newer than some of the ubuntu packages.

I saw the new user edition is out. It took me a fairly long time to get the wifi and graphics working with the AMD the first time around.
The office and everything took a while to get installed. I used install something when you needed method.

I am everyday user. I do normal things and do not develop or test.
I might donate money at some point though.

Is it worth it for me to change over to the user addition.
Does it have great software picks on it?
Do I have to build everything again?

Keep in mind before FOSDEM I was Mint XFCE person for along time.
But I liked the idea of a stable OS under and the lastest packages avialable in KDE a lot.
I also put PPA in for Firefox and Chrome to get the lastest packages from them.

While a pure KDE environment is nice. A software tool like mate_welcome that had the best software picks would be nice.
I like that I can type software and the KDE software tool comes up.

Thanks for your suggestion

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I'm running the Unstable Dev edition and have seen very few serious issues. All of the issues I've seen have been found and reported by others before I felt the need to report them. Furthermore, those issues were typically corrected within a week and often corrected within days if not hours. If your system is stable you might as well stay with Dev Stable. But switching repositories should be fairly painless if you decide to go the stable route.

It's been my experience that driver issues are more or less issues with the upstream Ubuntu packages and usually not neon - kde issues. Glad to hear you spent the time to work through those issues.. I don't mind having issues.. fixing them and/or finding work-arounds is part of the learning process.

I'm not a purest either. I have xfce installed along side KDE because I sometimes access my machine from remote and prefer the simplicity of xfce because I live out in county and the Internet service is very lack-luster out here..
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If I were a "normal" user (no development/testing as you said) I will wait for the final User Edition, switch to it and run away from dev channels.

The User Edition is not yet finished, the version available now is a pre-release so wait a little longer.


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