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Neon User Dependency MESSED UP!

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Neon User Dependency MESSED UP!

Tue Feb 28, 2023 2:01 pm
since the lates 5.27 updates, there seems to be many packages with dependancy problems.... i.e. gnuradio, qgis, nvidia-cuda-dev, telegram-desktop... there have been more but i don't remember.

whats going on? This used to be fairly stable and its gone awry!
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Re: Neon User Dependency MESSED UP!

Tue Feb 28, 2023 3:21 pm
Much of these items probably have hard-defined Qt dependencies, and require the exact version from the Ubuntu repos. Neon by nature uses a more up to date version of Qt. There is nothing neon can do to fix these, since they are Ubuntu's packages. On top of that, they are mostly from Ubuntu's "Universe" section, which are basically simply copied over directly from Debian, and only have community support from Ubuntu.

This sort of thing is nothing new at all with Neon. The mix of breakages does change from time to time, though.

nvidia-cuda-dev has no dep issue for me on my Neon system, sourced from the official repos , not from any PPA.

Telegram has the old Qt version dep issue -- better to get that directly from telegram anyway.

Qgis also has the qt dependency problem. There are other sources for this as well, with instruction form the project website , though this will have the same Qt dependency problem, since their own packaging also has the hard dependency that Debian uses. There is Flatapk, etc to avoid this. Often PPA packages don't have this sort of issue, but Qgis aren't using a PPA for this.

gnuradio seem to be a multilayer affair, a dependency of a dependency involving a python library.

it is a good thing you don't seem to be using Wine, lol. There would be more.

Unfortunately, since Neon isn't a full-on distro, there won't be much that they can do for all of these things. They can't change the packages in Ubuntu's repos, and they can't downgrade Plasma or its dependencies. That is the whole purpose for the Neon repo.

There may be workarounds for some of these, or alternate sources.

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