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[IDEA] Video for new users

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[IDEA] Video for new users

Sat Dec 21, 2019 11:59 am
I think it would be nice to have a video that explains Plasma to new users. I currently just show people the latest release's video but that isn't always suitable. So with this contest, I thought it might be possible for someone to make such a video. Unfortunately, I do not have the creative/graphical skills needed to make such a video but I've created a bit of an outline of what I think such a video could be like so maybe someone else can try making it. I'll share this below and to make sure it can be used I will explicitly license it under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0). I also have no interest in the contest or its prize. I hope this is sufficient to avoid any problems with sharing this idea. If this goes against the spirit of the contest, feel free to remove this post.

The outline of the video is in the form of a script providing the content for narration and notes in between about what should be in the video (between brackets, marked with "on-screen"). This is all just a quick draft and should be improved and adjusted as needed. Most of the content is based on what's described on the Plasma website since that gives a good general description of what Plasma is.

<Start of video>
When you use a computer, you usually only really use the desktop environment. This is what you look at and what you click on. Many operating systems can only have only one desktop environment (on-screen: show OS with their desktop environment names: Windows 10 -> Fluid, Windows 8 -> Metro, Windows 7 -> Aero, OS X -> Aqua) so you just use what's provided on your computer. With Linux systems, you can choose from many desktop environments (on-screen: show Linux DE logo's including Plasma) to pick one that suits you, like the KDE community's Plasma desktop environment (on-screen: highlight and zoom on Plasma logo).

Plasma is designed to be easy to use and should be quite intuitive for most users (on-screen: show the Launcher, Task Bar and System Tray). But Plasma provides you with the freedom to make it work the way you want. You can change the theme (on-screen: show settings, enable Breeze Dark and show many on-screen applications, e.g. Kontact, Kate, Dolphin, now switching to Dark theme), add widgets, panels or use one of many extensions (on-screen: add and remove some widgets and panels, use Alternatives to switch launcher and task bar, then install Latte Dock or another interesting extension).

Plasma lets you focus on what you want to do, staying out of the way whenever possible. You can easily search through multiple applications using KRunner (on-screen: show KRunner searching for the website that's already open in Firefox or Chrome). This includes Firefox and Chrome, thanks to Plasma's browser integration (on-screen: select the KRunner website search result and show it opening the browser). And using KDE Connect, you can easily send things to your Android phone from within many applications (on-screen: Show an overlay of an Android phone on its Home screen, right-click on the KDE Products page in the desktop browser and use Plasma integration to open it on the connected Android phone. Show the website being opened on the phone in the overlay). Of course, you can also send files to and from your phone (on-screen: show Dolphin sending a file to the phone) or control your media player (on-screen: show the media controls on the phone with the media player on the desktop, using the controls a bit) or presentation from your phone (on-screen: show the media controls on the phone with the full-screen presentation on the desktop, navigating through some slides).

The KDE community also makes many applications that integrate well with Plasma, like Kontact, Krita, Kdenlive and Digikam (on-screen: quickly show the applications along with many more KDE applications). But Plasma also integrates well with other applications, like Firefox, Chrome, LibreOffice and Gnome applications (on-screen: quickly show the applications with the Plasma styling, along with many more non-KDE applications).

Try Plasma by installing a Linux operating system that includes it (on-screen: show some logos of recommended distros that use Plasma by default) and experience this beautiful environment that adapts to your needs (on-screen: end with Plasma logo, preferably animated).
<End of video>


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