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Love customization

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Love customization

Sat Jan 04, 2020 7:09 pm
Hello everyone !

Here is my contribution for The Plasma Promo Video Contest. Hope you'll like it !
The file is final.mp4, you just have to click on it to play it :D

I used Gimp, Kdenlive, and SimpleScreenRecorder to make this video.
My mother tongue is not English so I preferred to not record my voice. It could be done in the future if needed. If there are errors in the subtitles, feel free to tell me.

Bye ^-^
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Hello alexislozano,

Paul here from the panel of judges.

We have decided to extend the deadline for submissions to the Plasma and Applications video competition until the 20th of February. The reason is we have not received enough submissions with enough variety of styles.

We will be publishing shortly an article from the judges in which they explain what they would like to see in the submissions, along with advice and links to resources that will make creating an interesting video easier.

We appreciate your submission and hope the new deadline allows you to create something even more compelling that will help us promote KDE Plasma and its applications.


P.S.: A voice over in a non-English language will not affect your chance of winning. KDE is an international organization. If you provide us with subtitles, that will be enough.


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