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Are Matrix chats a sustainable choice?

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I'm not criticizing any choice here (to be clear 8) )

I'm just wondering if Matrix is a good choice considering the huge amount of resources it needs.
I agree that's the best messaging platform (decentralized, open source, free, doesn't require a mobile phone number, encrypted), but it's pretty heavy.
I heard that disroot shutdown their Matrix instance due to the amount of resources it needs. It also duplicates each chat on any instance where there is at least one user connected from.

E.g I found this XMPP/Matrix comparison which reports:

- (external): Matrix 141 GB uso de db 4.6 GB RAM Con 21 usuarixis en linea / XMPP 6 GB uso de db 371 MB RAM con 475 usuarixs en linea
- (external): Matrix-Synapse (PostgreSQL): 5 GB for 1 user / XMPP (PostgreSQL): 0.4 GB for 200 user

I hope that you can tell me that the Matrix performances are improved in the last years so we can continue using it ^-^


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