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KDE Forums structure restructuring complete!

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In the past week, the KDE Community Forums administrators had been discussing how to improve the current forum layout. There are a few reasons in favor of a reorganization. First of all, to reflect better what KDE is (a community that produces software). Secondly, to provide a better organinzation for all kinds of people: those that require support, those that offer support, and those who want to contribute. All of this within a (hopefully) logical structure.

After some discussion on the actual layout organization, today I and fellow administrator Hans (with help from other people from the KDE community such as PovAddict and Mamarok) put the plan into action. It went surprisingly quick, so the new layout is already live.
There are a few major changes you will notice:
  • The KDE Community section has been revamped, removing some now-outdated sections
  • There is a new top-level category, Contributions & Development for everything regarding contributions. It gathers new forums for KDE contributors (Contributors’ Corner) and for people starting development (KDE Frameworks & Development). The old “i18n” forums were also moved there to be in a more prominent position. Lastly, the VDG, KDE websites, and MIssions forusm were all moved under this umbrella.
  • The KDE Software Forum has been largely untouched, with the exlusion of moving Plasma Mobile forums in a more prominent position. A few old forums, like KOffice’s, were archived (see below).
  • Localized Forums were also cleaned up.
  • Links to outdated websites have been removed.
A number of forums with no activity since years, or now outdated, were moved away. However, we thought that we’d do a disservice by removing information that might still be useful, so we created an Archive section to host all these “legacy” forums. Like this, there won’t be information loss.

Everything should be in order. If you find something amiss, let us know by posting in the Forum Feedback forum.

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