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[HELP} Noob just borked his Mac kdeConnect-indicator build

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As the subject line states, my first exposure to the KDE world (hiya all btw) was to build the Mac version of the latest kdeConnect-indicator (1089 i think).

Anyways, my internet dropped out most of the way through the build and as such, I restarted the Macbook, then restarted the build. The final product did not have a SHA of the one online (maybe it wasn't supposed to) and it would not run upon completion.

I then downloaded the more recent build and after dealing with the Mac 3rd party protection stuff, it still does not run.

I'm sure I just need that command that 99% of you probably already know on how to reset/uninstall/rollback whatever it is I need to do to start fresh.

Please and thank you. I appreciate the support.


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