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Kubuntu logo not centered on startup

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I have a little problem with the kubuntu logo on system startup. When I start up my machine the logo is not centered. It is more into the direction of the lower right corner.
I am using to monitors/a multi monitor setup and and one of the monitors is the internal monitor of my laptop. If I haven't plugged in the secondary monitor the logo is centered as normal but other way around it moves to the wrong place when using both monitors. Also my secondary monitor has the problem, that the laptop normally tries to use it with 70 Hz or so but it does only work properly with 60 Hz. With 70 Hz there always are those black borders on the left and right so the display is moved incorrectly.
It's not something really important or something which is necassary to fix but it is pretty annoying. Please help with this if possible. I would really appreciate this!
Thank you in advance!
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You mean the logo before the start of the Login Manager? Not sure there is much we can do about that, as this is not handled by Plasma or any KDE application at all, but handled on the underlying system level. You might want to talk to the Ubuntu devs for that.

Running Kubuntu 22.10 with Plasma 5.26.3, Frameworks 5.100.0, Qt 5.15.6, kernel 5.19.0-23 on Ryzen 5 4600H, AMD Renoir, X11
FWIW: it's always useful to state the exact Plasma version (+ distribution) when asking questions, makes it easier to help ...


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