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Setting up KDE for DualBoot with encrypted Data Disk

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Dear KDEs,
I have the following setup: 3 SSDs with Arch Linux (KDE Plasma), Windows 10 and one drive for shared data between the operating systems. I have encrypted the data disk for better privacy, using Veracrypt. Unlike LUKS, this makes the data drive accessible from both, Linux and Windows.

SSD 1: Manjaro (KDE)
SSD 2: Personal Data (encrypted with Veracrypt)
SSD 3: Windows 10

When KDE starts, I run a small bash script (added as Autostart Login Script in System Settings) to run some commands, and to start Veracrypt:
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$ veracrypt --auto-mount:favorites

This works and is quite safe, but it requires to enter passwords over and over again, at every user login (system start):
1. user password at login (KDE / SSDM credentials)
2. root password (to start Veracrypt)
3. encryption password (for the data drive)
4. root password yet again! (to mount the encrypted drive)

Very annoying.

So, I want to achieve two things:
A) To give veracrypt sudo rights without having to enter the root password
B) To give either the user password given at login, or one from KDE Wallet (?) as a variable in the bash script to veracrypt, like so
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veracrypt --password="$cached-password"  --auto-mount:favorites

My goal is:
Starting the computer, entering my password once (!) and then have my encrypted drive mounted.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated :)


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