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Stuck on software rendering after switching drivers

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I'm running Plasma on Gentoo, installed the distro repos. I did a full system update yesterday, so I'm running kde-plasma/plasma-meta-5.24.6-r1 and kde-frameworks/plasma-5.92.0-r2.

I have an NVidia GTX 2080 super. I was running nouveau, but my desktop environment would crash or freeze somewhat regularly. Based on the errors I saw in dmesg, nouveau is to blame. So I switched to the proprietary nvidia drivers. But now my system is stuck on software rendering:

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❯ plasmashell --version
Warning: fallback to QtQuick software backend.
plasmashell 5.24.6

I set VIDEO_CARDS="intel iris nvidia" in /etc/portage/make.conf, I uninstalled mesa, I enabled modesetting for nvidia_drm. But I'm stuck with "Software Renderer In Use". How do I fix this? Forcing the rendering backend to OpenGL causes Plasma to crash when I login.

I use X11. I have Wayland installed but I was running into a lot of issues, so I switched to X.


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