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KDE Desktop loads a ton of text but never actually loads

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I have KDE Plasma for Debian11 Installed along with windows 11. I cannot get past that screen of text it posts a ton then does nothing. Someone told me I was suppose to install the Gnome desktop first and Install KDE on the side but I hate gnome but they said any other way is alot of work and will require talking to an expert to troubleshoot. the thing is I had Debian 11 installed on 3 parts, home, tmp or something ect and I don't know which other the other two belong to windows or are the Debian package so I need to know just what codes to punch in to tty1 to repair this so it loads the desktop. It has NO sudo, you need to add your name to the list but the grub file is blank as there is no desktop yet. So how do I either get gnome to install in there yuck! or or get sudo permissions so I can repair the settings that are conflicting with it starting?


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