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New User, unable to set correct resolution

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Hi all,

I'm a new user, and I don't know my way around Linux very well (just enough to be dangerous).
I've installed KDE Neon, I've got it all running and updated but I cannot set the correct resolution.

In Display configuration the highest I can set is 1920x1080@60Hz but I need 3440x1440@75.

I have searched, but what I've been able to find is either very old, not quite the same issue, or did have the same issue but the fix didn't work.
I have tried setting this as a new mode in xrandr but no new options showed up in Display Configuration after a log out / in.

Any help would be appreciated.
Please speak to me like I've never even heard of Linux before as that's about as for as my knowledge goes here.... 8-)
Up for learning though.

Forgot to add, I'm just running this on an old think center using Intel HD Graphics 4600.


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