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Using Ctrl+Esc as a Task Switcher

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Using Ctrl+Esc as a Task Switcher

Thu Aug 13, 2015 10:56 am
Hi there :) ,

I have a rather odd issue with using Ctrl+Esc to be my task switcher. The reason I do this is that I remap my keyboards to conform to the old space cadet layout for Emacs, ie) Super > Alt > Ctrl > S P A C E < Ctrl < Alt < Super, and on top of that I swap Caps_Lock and Escape, thus Ctrl-Esc is less of a stretch and more comfy than Alt-Tab.

Here is my .Xmodmap:

Code: Select all
keysym Alt_L = Control_L
keysym ISO_Level3_Shift = Control_R

keysym Super_L = Alt_L Meta_L
keysym Print = Alt_R Meta_R

keysym Control_L = Super_L Hyper_L
keysym Control_R = Super_R Hyper_R

keysym Caps_Lock = Escape
keysym Escape = Caps_Lock

keysym XF86WakeUp = Menu

clear control
clear lock
clear mod1
clear mod4
clear mod5

add control = Control_L Control_R
add lock = Caps_Lock
add mod1 = Alt_L Meta_L Alt_R Meta_R
add mod4 = Super_L Hyper_L Super_R Hyper_R

The issue I'm having in KDE (but not any other desktops or window managers) is that Ctrl-Esc works fine with the left Ctrl, and when I use reverse task switching with both Ctrls (ie: I also map Ctrl-Shift-Esc to reverse task switching, as you'd expect). However, when I use the right Ctrl with Esc it just tabs back and forth between the last used application without ever showing the task switcher. This is particularly annoying as the right Ctrl is the one my muscle memory is used to using with Escape, as I like to use a modifier on one hand and the modified key on the other.

I have of course unmapped Ctrl-Esc's default bindings - ie) the task manager and the standard close alternate keybinding.

Does anyone know why I may be experiencing this and what I can do to recify it?

I am using KDE 4.14.6 on Slackware with a UK keyboard.
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