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Recent KDE Update on Arch has things looking blurry & blocky

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Applied a recent update on ArcoLinux
KDE 5.23.5
KDE F 5.89
QT 5.15.2
Kernel 5.15.12

Since then I noticed my nofications area. Dolphin etc fonts look blurry. Icons look a bit pixelated. I do run 120 DPI (1440p) screen on X.ORG (Wayland too buggy at this point for multi mons). I don't change the DPI directly I set scaling via GLOBAL SCALE but now on XORG it appears to be working the same way Wayland does ie blurry scaling not DPI.

It's also like my fonts are jpgs and not rendered. On an Arco forum another user posted the same so I thought I would ask out here if anyone can assist. I booted Kubuntu with the same fonts and settings and the issue is NOT there. I restored a timeshift backup from pre new year and it looks fine.

Any ideas? For me KDE was the only DE that did scaling RIGHT but in this form it's like gnome / wayland - yuck.


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