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How to Make Any Image Available in the "Wallpaper:" Menu?

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How do I make any image available in the "Wallpaper:" menu in the Desktop Settings?

When I try to set a new picture as wallpaper for a certain Virtual Desktop, the only option I get is a set of pictures which came with Plasma. These are all really, really awful.
I have therefore downloaded pictures of my own, which I would like to use as wallpapers, but I don't understand how to "reach" them? (that is, how to make them appear in the "Wallpaper:" menu" in "Desktop Settings")?

Should I put them in a certain folder in order to make these pictures "available" to the Desktop Settings function? In that case, what folder?

I have gone through all the (visible) folders in /Home/~ , but there is no folder for wallpaper pictures.

I would be very grateful for all help.
Thank you.
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You can put some in a folder if you want but it is not required.

Just go to Configure Desktop, select Add Image, find the one you want and save it. All it does is save a link to the image wherever it is on your system. You could put several images in one folder if you wanted but they only become visible when you add the link.

That said, as far as I know, you cannot have a different image for each desktop but only each activity but that is a whole new adventure!


Edit: just seen your other post. I'm on KDE Neon 18.4 Plasma 5.14 so the above may not apply. Wallpapers used to be in a hidden folder eg~/user/.wallpaper - the linking method above is more recent.
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The usual place is ~/.local/share/wallpapers. You can either copy or link the images or the directory containing the images in there and they should show up.

If you are downloading the files from or (or any of its associated sites) you can search for and download the wallpapers using either the Get New Wallpapers... button in the Wallpaper selection dialog, or using Discover, and it will download them into ~/.local/share/wallpapers for you.

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